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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Reliance Jio Free Service Must Be Recharged Before This New Plan Is Over

Reliance Jio New Plan 2017 :-  Prior to the end of Reliance Jio free service, you must recharge this new plan so that there will be no loss for you and you can enjoy new plans of up to 6 months, then recharge quickly. Consumers of Reliance Jio, who have taken the Summer Surprise Plan, will get the benefits of Free Service till 17th August. After this, new recharge will be required to continue the services of Jio. Sony Xperia XZ Premium Will Be The Perfect News For Everyone Today

Messages have started coming to the user's phone. The message the company is sending to its consumers, it is being told that the validity of their plan is going to be over and recharge to stay connected with Jio. Reliance Jio Phone Comes To Ride Intex Launches Cheap 4G Phone

It is also being reported in the message that do not wait for the last day for the recharge. Since the last day many people will be in the mood for recharge, they may have to face heavy traffic. Recharge now to avoid this. Reliance Jio Makes India Number One Out Of These Companies

Will not damage :
Indeed, many Jio users feel that if they have recharged now, the validity of their pack will start counting from that day and the remaining days of the free service will also go away.

The company has said in its message that it is wrong to think so. According to the company, if you choose any plan of Jio right now and then recharge it, it will be active only after the last date of 17 August or your current free plan. There will be no harm in you. Phone With 4G Feature Available From 999 To 1499 Know How

Dhan Dhana Money Offer :-
Let's say that Jio has continued its old money laundering offer also to its consumers. But its price has changed slightly. Now Dhan Dhan Dhan is being offered to Jio users for Rs 399.

The user is getting validity of 84 days. In addition, it will get 1GB high speed data per day. After the 1GB limit is over, its speed will be 128 kbps. At the same time, it will also get unlimited calling facility for 84 days. Plus, there will be free subscription to Jio Apps and TVs.

Reliance Jio Learn New Plan :-
Unlimited calls for 56 days validity and 1GB of data per day in Jio's 309 plan. Apart from this, the Jio Apps will get a subscription free.
In the recharge of 509 rupees, the user will get validity of 56 days. It will get 2 GB high speed data per day. Along with this there will also be unlimited calling facility.

Reliance Jio has also launched a recharge pack of 19, 49, 96, 149, 349, 999, 999, 4999, 9999, keeping in mind the needs of different people. Visit My Jio App to learn about all plans.

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