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Friday, 8 September 2017

Good News, Nano Diamond Smartphone batteries will not break

Smartphone batteries are an integral part of them. It is often reported that the battery of the mobile phone has exploded and the accident happened. Since then people are also scared. Under a research, it has been found that with the help of a small diameter 10 thousand times the diameter of a lithium battery can be prevented from the explosion.

nano diamond smartphone

According to the journal Nature Communications, scientists researching this research said that Nano Diamond reduces electro-chemical quantity. This reduces the possibility of short circuits in lithium batteries very little.

Actually, the electrochemical process occurs between the two electrodes, resulting in electric current. Batteries are charged with the help of this technique. Now Nano Diamond reduces dendrite formation through electrolyte solutions.

Researchers said that electrolytes additives are considered equivalent to Nano Diamond, which can be used for high density safe lithium batteries.

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