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Friday, 8 September 2017

New technique created by scientist, Know how energy taken from Sunlight

Researchers at Rice University have found a unique way of taking energy while working in sunlight. In which Sunlight's active nano particles will be used. These particles absorb sunlight and then float in the form of "hot electrons" so that they become energy. Hot electrons have the ability to do very useful and sharp chemical reactions, but they disappear very quickly, so they have to work hard to take energy.

sunlight energy

Whenever we capture the light coming from the sun through any medium, then it is converted into plasmons or converted into waves of electrons. Which tend to flow like nano particles. Now, through this new technology, scientists say that we are trying to find a new approach to this problem. Instead of running hot electrons, we are developing a technique to carry the electron holes.

In which there will be a sieve or membrane so that the holes will be crossed but the hot electrons will be able to flow from it. Scientists say that they have full faith that we can customize our system to significantly improve the results of the tests conducted through this technique.

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