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Friday, 8 September 2017

Reliance Jio speed is not getting even after recharging

Hello friends, today I would like to tell you about the speed of Jio. For some days now, it is not the old thing in the world that the speed of the bus has become very slow. With me you will face the problem of getting 1GB data daily Despite the recharge of 303 or 399 rupees, even if you are not getting the speed, then let's know why and why it can improve it. 

reliance jio speed

What is the speed of the speed?

Friends, as you all know, Jio has become the largest telecom company in the country today. Today the world has the highest consumer. This is the real problem every year. Friends, a network of the Jio network, located in or around the area, User Limit happens. You all know that almost everyone has possession of the traffic, so the traffic has become very large, so you can not reach the people.

So what to do to solve this problem?

Friends, if you have any type of setting without explaining one aspect method, then you will be waiting for the logo. You will get good speed after 12 o'clock in the night or 8 AM before the first day, traffic will decrease at this time. This is the most important way.

Changing settings can get a little better speed

Friends, this method is only working in a media tech processor, if my partner is using a media tech phone, once you have to try, you will have to download the MTK Engineering Mode app from the Play Store after downloading MTK SETTIGNS Go to BAND MODE, then you remove all those selected and select only BAND 40 and save it. Restart the phone once you have better Speed ​​will experience |

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