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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Reliance has earned Rs 300 crore, Booking of 60 million live phones in one day

Reliance Jio has earned crores of rupees a day by selling 4G feature phones. Jio has pre-booked 60 million handsets a day. By booking the phone Reliance Jio earned 300 crores a day. 

reliance jio 4g

It is clear that people are showing interest in the live phone. 500 rupees have been taken from the user for pre-booking of Jio Phone. The remaining 1000 rupees will be given at the time of delivery of the phone. However, the money will be refunded to the user after 3 years. By the way, since the pre-booking of 60 lakh phones, Mukesh Ambani has earned Rs 300 crore in a day.

These figures will grow rapidly in the coming days. Not only this, users who are taking this phone will have to recharge the minimum 36 times on the phone within 3 years. 

Experts say that more users will have to spend the minimum amount of money in 3 years for the users who take the phone call, more users would like to take it from the free wording with the phone. Mukesh Ambani's company Reliance Jio has a database of more than 120 million users. In this case, the company is determined to make profits from this phone.

Users have to decide if they really need this phone or not. It is exactly the same that we carry a list of things at the grocery store, but in the supermarket, we buy 10 extra things along with that list.

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