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Friday, 15 September 2017

Android: 5 things that Android can surprise you!

The name of the maker of Android was Anti Rubin. Who used to work in Apple company You probably know that Android started in 2007. This is the first such mobile operating system. There is no need to also give ₹ 1 to install. This is a free mobile operating system. Some similar things about Android that you might not know? Today we will tell you. Good News '4G Android smartphones' now available in less than Rs 6000


In this post we are going to tell a few things related to Android. Which can surprise you Then start to run.

  • The phone with Android operating system uses more than 90% of the people in the world. That is, it means that less than 10% of people use operating systems like iPhone and Windows.
  • You probably know that the interface between Apple and IOS is quite good. Steve Jobs who was the creator of Apple. They also knew that Apple is stealing IOS features. But they did not take any action because Apple and Android relations were quite good at the time. If so said it goes too. In 2011, Steve Jobs was going to Kiss on Android. But before that he died. Android Phone, Is your Android mobile slow down and read this news
  • Android was named Android because Steve Jobs used to work in Apple. Then their friends used to call them Android. Keeping this in mind, they named Android as their operating system.
  • Samsung refused to buy in 2004. By saying that Android is a simple operating system. There is no future for this. And today Samsung is famous for its Android.
  • The Android operating system was being built for the first camera. But later on it was made for mobile

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