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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Be careful if this problem is happening in your mobile, then this is the battery burst signal

Mobile phone has become the need of everyone in today's time, but what does it know can be deadly even if you can not use it properly. Kuki may also have an offense like a bomb that can be killed.

In today's day everyone enjoys watching smart phones. But the battery problem has also become common in smartphones. There is hardly a smart phone that does not have the battery heating problem. And too much hitting problem also causes the rupture. There have been many cases in which the death of the user has broken due to the breakdown of the smartphone.

But the battery of the phone gives some unacceptable signal before the battery breaks, which, if we get comfortable, can even kill somebody's life. So let's know what the signal is:

1. The battery is made of lithium ion which is heated during charging. So if you use it in charging, then it becomes even more hot and can burst. If there is a problem of heating then change the battery.

2. If the smartphone battery is bloated, then immediately change it, it's a sign of burst.

3. If your smartphone is hot while the screen is locked, then this is also an indication. Do not look down on it.

4. Never charge the phone in the flame voltage, it can crack with too many internal drugs.

5. Always if the phone falls on the ground with the hand or if you keep pushing it out loud, do not do it.

6. Sometimes in some international phones, malware is injected into some smart phones and the phone's threat is made to be defective, so use phone security or call a call from outside.

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