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Monday, 11 September 2017

Before February 2018 If you did not do this, then your SIM card will be closed

The central government has fixed the deadline to connect Aadhaar card to the mobile SIM card. Until February 2018, if the SIM card is not verified with the base, they will be deactivated. Now it is necessary to link all SIM cards with the base.

sim card to aadhar

Link to Aadhar with SIMcard

In February this year, the Supreme Court had ordered the Central Government to identify all the mobile telephone users within a year. For this, the court had said that for the verification of consumers, the SIM card should be linked to their base. The Supreme Court gave this order in February 2017, during a hearing on a PIL filed by the National Policy Foundation NGO.

Explain that during the hearing in the Supreme Court, CJI Khehar had said that the identity of those who have a mobile SIM card must be identified. If this is not so, then it can be used for fraudulent withdrawal of money.

Will be verification again

All telecom companies will re-verification of all existing customers. These will include prepaid and postpaid users. Verification will be done from Aadhaar based card based E-KYC processor. Verification of SIM cards will be via SMS. Telecom company will send a verification code to their customers on their number Prior to the E-KYC process, the telecom operator will ensure that the SIM card holder is available or not available through the code sent to it. After this process, telecom companies will start the E-KYC process.

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