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Monday, 11 September 2017

Biggest leak of the iPhone 8, it will be the world's first three-dimensional smartphone

Apple's iPhone 8 is waiting for the people of the 3D camera that was waiting for them. According to SlashLike, now it is certain that iPhone 8 will have 3D camera, which will detect face in 10 million pieces of second. In this sense, this phone, measured between Rs. 76 to Rs. 86, will not be considered expensive at any cost. 

iphone 8 smartphone

The photo shared by SlashLike is an inside part of the iPhone 8's camera. It is also said that it will facilitate phone unlock with the help of face.

One leak is also believed to be the truth, because who shared it on social media. That was the first iPhone 8's screen also viral. Of course, if the new device has a phone unlock feature, then it will be Apple's first phone, in which the Touch ID will not be needed.

It was being told that if iPhone 3 was made in 3D, it would be the best camera phone ever. The fear was that if the iPhone 8 was launched without a 3D camera, then it would be a stain of over-rated, which the company would never tolerate.

According to the Korean Herald newspaper, three D sensors can easily recognize the face in 10 millionth of a second. However, there is also a bad news that the person who leaked the information of the new iPhone 8 has shared that code, which suggests that this new feature of Apple's new device is also in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Let us know that on September 12 this phone will be in front of the world for the first time and it will be able to book online pre-booking on September 15. On September 22, three new phones of the iPhone will be officially launched simultaneously. Modern technology has also been used in 7 S and 7S Plus. Right now, the iPhone 8 will be the most advanced version of the company.

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