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Monday, 18 September 2017

Capture without opening the camera, video recording too

In such a way, without taking a camera, taking photographs, video recording. 

Capture without opening the camera

Jalandhar: Today we will tell you about an app with which you can do without recording the camera without having to take a photo and also video recording. Android: 5 things that Android can surprise you!

Maybe you are feeling a bit awkward to hear this but there is an app on the Google Play Store, through which you can take photos of someone without opening the camera. Not only this, the person you are photographing or making a video of is not aware of this. Good News, These plans brought Vodafone and Idea to its users

Learn More Complete Process
1. Download Spy Camera OS 3 from the Google Play Store first. Allow the permissions after installing the app. The app will open. This app will appear on the bottom of the phone screen.

 2. In the app you will see a lot of options. You can take a photo by tapping on the capture option. If you tap on the video then the video will be started. Shaomi smartphone 5 untold things which you do not know

 3. This photo and video will be saved in your phone gallery. In the gallery itself it will become a folder called Scos.

4. To auto-select Auto click if you do not want to tap the photo. Now every 2 seconds the photos will be clicked. You can change the front and back camera by tapping on the switch. 

5. Tap on Minimize this app will disappear in the mobile screen. Now you can press the Volume button and take a photo as well as create a video.

6. Tap Settings on the right side. You can hide this folder from the gallery by tapping on the hidden spy camera folder in gallery. You will also find other useful settings here.

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