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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dead Body will be able to breathe, find out how these miracles will be

New Delhi. Today technology has reached that level where every impossible task is done in jokes. Then there is no reason to give life to anyone.

dead body

Yes, now if you want to stay alive even after dying and want to treat your disease, then this job can be easily done now.

Actually, it is about the early days of October 2016 when a 14-year-old girl was suffering from cancer and was about to die. But the girl did not want to bury her body after dying.

So he wrote a letter to a British judge and said that I am only 14 years old and do not want to die. But I'm about to die.

I want to stay alive for more time because I think the future cancer treatment will be discovered, which will also help me to survive. Keeping my body in a low temperature area, it should be preserved and let me recover again and give a chance to survive, even if it is for hundred years only.

So finally what was that option, due to which the girl thought that she would be able to survive again. In simple words, he expressed the desire to deposit himself in the snow, which is done with many people after his death.

The reason is that after death, the body also gets destroyed in time along with the time during cremation rituals like burial, funeral or mummification. In such a situation, there is no possibility of revival of that body in the future.

But on the other hand it is possible to do this with the protected body in the refrigeration environment, especially when it has been done in a scientific manner under medical supervision. It is a difficult and lengthy process and to perform smoothly, it should be started immediately after the death.

Basically it means that all the blood in the body is taken out of the body and in place of it the antifreeze and other chemicals are inserted so that there is no blood and tissue clots after death and the body part is not rotten.

Then it is placed in minus 130 degrees Celsius, where the fluid nitrogen in the tank is filled, which never gives the temperature below 196 degrees Celsius.

This process is very expensive but there is only one thought behind it that perhaps in the future scientists can find a cure for those incurable diseases and rehabilitate those suffering from those diseases.

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