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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Good News, Rupee 5 coin in the great demand, if you have, read the news

So far you have heard about the old coins and the special notes of Rs 10, which are valued at millions of rupees. Today we tell you about a typical 5 rupee coin whose value is estimated to be around 3 to 5 lakh rupees. You must have heard of it that the fond of old coins buy old coins by paying good value to them.

5 rupees coin

Such people do this for their personal collection. In today's time the business of antique coins is flourishing. Friends, here is a coin worth 5 rupees which we are telling you about.

5 rupees coin

The color of the vintage is more than ordinary coins. Similarly if you have coins of 5 rupees for other vintage colors then you can get good value for them.

10 rupees coin

If you also have such a coin, you can sell them at eBay Kat Cam and tell you as well as you can contact the most famous coin trader Chandra Shekhar in India.

Who recently sold many coins at a good price. You can also apply bids of coins on lamps to social media. Many people sell and buy such coins on Facebook too, do not delay if you want to be yours too. Lakhpati has given these special coins exhibit.

Apart from this coin, if you have other old coins, then you can get good prices for them too. Many times people keep demanding demand for special coins so why start looking for those who are waiting for your antique coins eagerly.

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