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Friday, 15 September 2017

Goog News, World's Smallest Smartphone, view pics

Interesting desk In the world, smartphones equipped with all types of hi-tech features are coming in, meanwhile, Chile Mobiles has launched the world's first speaker phone to launch a blast. The name of this phone is 188. Its price is 899 rupees. It has been introduced in Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Blue and Red color variants. It is the world's smallest smartphone. Its size is smaller than the ATM card. Good News Mobile Phone Have Come Without Battery No Need To Charge

spinner smartphone

188 Features of Chile


This smartphone has a 1.44 inch QVGA display, whose pixel resolution is 128 128x. Its pixel is density 125 ppi. It has 32 MB of internal storage. Capable of storing up to 500 contacts and 200 SMS. It has a Bluetooth dialer function that helps connect and phone your phone by connecting to Bluetooth. Apart from this, the phone supports dual SIM. It has 800 MH battery. It works on 2G networks. Vodafone Offer 348 Recharge 1 Month Daily with 1 GB Data and Calls


Meaning you can not use Jio SIM. Its design is quite light so you can keep it in your pocket. It has a Alphanumeric pad with a D-Pad Touch button. It also supports Bluetooth headset, through which earphones can be connected to Bluetooth and can be heard by singing. Calls can be made as well. With this, a 1 year manufacturer of warranty is being provided.

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