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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Health Tips, 6 Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is used to make food inside almost every household in India. Mustard oil gives the taste of eating too much. Simultaneously, Saraso oil is also beneficial in removing many other diseases. Mustard oil is beneficial for our skin, hair, our health. So let's know. Regarding the benefits of mustard oil.
health tips

1. Use the mustard oil to remove the pain inside the ear. The first of the mustard oil is to put garlic in it and then warm it. And after it becomes lukewarm cold, the pain of the ear when inserted inside the ear Relieves.

2. mustard oil also works to bring shine on our face. First of all, you add turmeric, grated gram flour, kapoor, and put them in the mustard oil and put it on your face, if you do this. So this is the color of your face. It will be quite clear and your skin will also shine.

3. With mustard oil we can get rid of diseases such as toothache, pyarias, etc. Mix the salt inside the mustard oil. And then clear it to your teeth.

4. if you are not complaining about hunger. So you start using mustard oil in your diet. Porridge oil acts as an appetizer inside our stomach. And because of which we begin to feel more hungry.

5. glucoseolate present inside mustard oil helps prevent tumor lump inside our body and prevent cancer from growing.

6. If you mix the camphor inside the mustard oil and massage it on your body. So you get relief from the pain of arthritis.

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