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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Health Tips, Do not even do 7 work by mistake even after eating food

Lifestyle has a great effect on our body. An irregular eating routine can cause many diseases in our body, so in Ayurveda, we believe that our daily routine increases with age. There are some things that can make our digestion process intense. And food is digested quickly. 

health tips

On the contrary, there are some things that make the digestion process slow down and many kinds of diseases surround the body. According to Ayurveda, there are some things which should not be done immediately after eating. This article has been told about those works.

Do not eat fruit

Very few people know this fact should not eat fruits immediately after eating. The consumption of fruits is not beneficial both before and after immediately after eating. Fruit food can harm immediately after eating. Eating fruit immediately after eating causes problems of gas.

health tips

Avoid sleeping

Most people are idle after eating and people go to bed and sleep. Immediately after eating, gold is harmful. Soon after the meal, food is not digested properly and obesity also increases.

Do not smoke 

health tips

Do not Stop Smoking immediately after eating Many people get used to smoking after eating immediately. It is very harmful and increases the likelihood of many diseases like cancer.

Do not drink tea 

health tips

Many people are fond of drinking after eating food, but doing so is harmful. Drinking tea after eating food causes problems in digesting food and the problem of acidity increases.

Do not want to take bath 

health tips

It is not necessary to take bath immediately after eating food, but it is necessary for the body to eat and take bath on time, but some people do not have time to eat and bath time. After eating food, it is considered to be the most harmful. Blood flow increases around the stomach and the digestive tract slows down.

Belt should not be loose 

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Many people consume more food than their capacity, and after eating the food, they lose belt, doing so is not good for the stomach. This causes the digestive system to weaken.

Do not want to walk 

health tips

After eating one hundred steps should be done, but it is not true that after walking immediately after eating food, the body does not get the full nutrition, it weakens the digestive system, so that food should not be taken immediately after eating. After weighing half an hour, we can move 100 steps.

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