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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Health tips, Drinking water while eating food not good for digestion

New Delhi: People often get used to drinking water while eating food. Because of this, the stomach can not even eat food, only after drinking water they fill their stomach. Drinking water while eating food reduces digestive power and increases obesity. If our stomach is not good then it is impossible for the body to remain healthy. Therefore, do not drink water while eating food. Drink water after half an hour before eating and after one meal, it is beneficial for health. Health tips, Feet massage, Feeling away from fatigue all day

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Why should not drink water while eating food?
When you drink water while eating, this water is absorbed by the surface of your stomach. This action of drinking water is done until the required material for digestion becomes thick. By drinking excessive water, this liquid becomes thicker than food. In this case, gastric juices begin to digest food, due to which problems like indigestion, gas and chest burn. Health tips, Secrets of finding the six-edged physique are hidden in this juice

These things should be kept in mind:
1.When food is more tart or spicy than food, you can drink some water during this time.

2. If a glass of hot water is drunk after eating food then the food is digested well and there is no complaint of indigestion.

3. It is good to eat food chewing and chewing food. If food is chewed well then there is no need to drink water in between.

4. Drinking water in the middle of the meal increases the level of insulin in the body.

5. If you are worried about losing your weight, then drink plenty of water before eating it and if you want to increase the weight then drink water after eating.

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