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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Health tips, Empty Stomach do not eat these things. Otherwise it will be damaged

Internet desk In the morning empty stomach, we start consuming anything, but eating anything is not good for health. Healthy eating should be used for good health. Explain that there are some foods that you eat every morning if you eat it every morning, it can be very harmful for you.

health tips

Often, many food items are said to be beneficial for your health, but despite this, their intake causes harm to you. Many times, eating the beneficial things for health at the wrong time results in the opposite effect of health. Many foods can be extremely harmful if left empty stomach. So let us now tell you such substances that should not be taken empty stomach.

High amount of carbonate acids are found in soda. When it comes to the acid present in the stomach, it gives birth to many problems like stomach pain.


health tips

By eating empty stomach, the amount of magnesium in the body increases significantly due to which the amount of calcium and magnesium in the body becomes imbalanced. So do not eat empty stomach in the morning.


health tips

Eating raw tomatoes has many benefits but empty stomach raw tomatoes can be harmful. Acetic acid present in tomatoes acts with gastrointestinal acid present in the stomach and creates a gel that causes problems like stomachache, convulsion. Eating empty stomach tomatoes also increases the risk of getting stones.

You must have heard the doctor saying that after taking some medicines you should take medicines. It is also said in our homes that no medicine should be taken empty stomach. The main reason for this is that by taking empty stomach medication, it affects the inner surface of the stomach and disturbs the body's balance by acting with acids present in the stomach.


health tips

Many people like to take empty stomach alcohol. In such cases, addiction is fast, but intestines are badly affected by taking empty stomach alcohol.

Spice food
Most people like spicy and spicy food but such things should never be taken empty stomach. There are naturally some acid present in our body. By eating too much spicy food, the chemical action that occurs between these acids and spices has a negative effect on the intestines.

Eating an empty stomach can be harmful. Caffeine present in Kauffin is not right for the stomach. If you have a habit of drinking coffee in the morning then you can drink a glass of water first. After that, take Kapahi's cup.

Similarly, tea consumption should not be empty stomach. Drinking empty stomach tea increases the risk of getting gas and constipation.

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