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Monday, 18 September 2017

Health Tips, Jaggery and Cumin seeds Beneficial for health

Internet desk Cumin enhances the taste and aroma of our food. Without the cumin seeds, the taste of vegetables, lentil and roit is slightly faded. At the same time the sweetness of jaggery also increases the taste of sweet dish. Cumin and jaggery are a very important part of our food but do you know that the water of jaggery and cumin can save you and your family from many diseases.

health tips jaggery and cumin

Let's know, the benefits of drinking water of jaggery and cumin ...

1. Beneficial in Anemia
Drinking water of jaggery and cumin causes the lack of anemia or blood in the body. It also removes the impurities present in the blood.

2. Headache relief
If you are suffering from headache, you will definitely benefit from drinking jaggery and cumin water. Also, if you have a fever, it will also get rid of it.

3. Immune system strengthens
Cumin and jaggery are rich in natural properties that make our immune system strong by cleansing the inside of the body.

4. Remove stomach diseases
If you drink jaggery and cumin seeds in problems of stomach problems such as constipation, gas, flatulence and stomachache, you will get the benefit. In addition, these diseases also gradually end.

5. Relief from problems of periods
Drinking water in troubles like irregularities in the periods and pain in the stomach can be very relaxing.

6. Unique treatment of back pain

Backache or waist pains Drinking good and cumin water gives you all these problems.

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How to make jaggery water

  • First, put two cups of water in a vessel and mix it with a spoon of jaggery and a spoon cumin, boil it well, and later you can drink this water by putting it in a cup.
How to consume it

  • Drink a cup of this water every morning before dinner.
Note: However, there is no side effect of this remedy, but before using this mixture, you must consult a experienced Ayurvedic doctor.

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