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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Health Tips, Miraculous benefits of peepal leaves

Peepal trees in Hindu religion are worshipful. This is the only tree in all the trees on earth which leaves the highest oxygen. This tree gives oxygen 24 hours. This tree prevents us from many diseases. Dried leaves of dried peepal tree, dried fruit, root and as far as its seeds are very beneficial for our body. Health tips, Drinking water while eating food not good for digestion

health tips

People for asthma patients are not less than a boon. Take out the inside of the peel tree bark and dry it. After drying, make a fine mixture of it and give asthma to the patient with water. Health tips, Empty Stomach do not eat these things. Otherwise it will be damaged

Puffing of its leaves with lukewarm water, mixing it with a little sugar candy, cures cold and cold. If someone suffers for many years, then he also gets cured.

Soak the root of the peepal tree in water and grind it and then put this paste on the face. Wash the face while drying. Regularizing this causes the wrinkles in the face to end. 

To remove herpes and herbs, chew 4 drinks of Peepal and eat it. If you can not do this, make a decoction of the peel tree bark and place it on the area of ​​herpes and itching. Get comfort

To remove the problems of constipation, gas and stomachache, drink juice of fresh pepper twice a day twice a day. By drinking this juice, vata and bile are also cured.

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