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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Health Tips, Rudraksh is the treatment for many diseases

Today, we are going to tell us about a drug that does not have to eat or drink, only to keep away from it. Many diseases. And this medicine is Rudraksh. Health Tips, Diabetes you can eat these sweets

shiv lord

Rudraksha is not only kept near or worn by anybody, nor does any negative power come near.

Rudraksh was born of Lord Shiva's tears.

shiv lord

The talk is about the time when Mother Goddess Dakha Prajapati was doing a yajna. In Yajna he invited all the Gods but did not invite Lord Shiva. When mother Sati came to know that her father was sacrificing, she expressed her desire to go there with her master. God forbid them but he did not believe it. He went on to suffer terrible insults. They saw that all the deities in the yagya have been given a fraction but there is no excerpt from the Gods of Dev Mahadev (Shiva). She did not condone her husband's humiliation by singing and she sacrificed her body in the fire of sacrifice and sacrificed her body. Lord Shiva was very sad to hear the news of his death. They started wandering about their dead bodies. In this way, due to his anger and anger, there was an uproar in the universe. Then Lord Vishnu separated the mother body of Mother Sati from her Shudraśan chakra and separated it. Due to the separation of Mother Sati, tears started falling on Lord Shiva's eyes. Their tears on the earth, where the trees grew, the trees grew.

Due to being born of Lord Shiva's tear, it was named Rudraksha.

rudraksh lord shiv

rudraksh lord shiv

It ranges from unequal to sixteen weeks and is very fruitful.

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