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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Health tips, Secrets of finding the six-edged physique are hidden in this juice

Everyone looks very hard to look fit. Some gyms, exercises and yoga are supported by many pill medicines. While these four things in the kitchen can be eaten by eating and drinking. Know about those four things and the specialty of special drinks made from them. Health tips, Feet massage, Feeling away from fatigue all day

health tips

A glance 

For how many people: 1 - 2

Mile type: Healthy food

necessary ingredients

A cucumber, sliced ​​into slices

10-12 leaves of mint

Half lemon juice

Half-piece seasonal or orange

Water 2 cups

Glass mug / jar


1. Put water in the mug first.

Then add sliced ​​cucumber slices, mint leaves, lemon slices, seasonal slices and leave for overnight.

To remove the bitterness of cucumber, cut it over the upper part and then throw it away.

2. Filter this water. Do not throw cucumber and other things. Cucumber can eat as a salad.

3. This juice can have these benefits.

4. Cucumber protects the body from water retention.

5. While reducing lemon, seasonal cholesterol.

6. Drinking this juice strengthens the immune system and hunger is also controlled.

Notice: - There is no salt in it.

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