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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Health Tips, Simple tips to prevent nail breaks

New Delhi: Cutting and rupture of nails is a common problem that happens to everyone. There is usually some reason for this problem, but if your nails keep on breaking the day, then you should be more aware of the health of the nails. 

Three major causes of excessive nail breakdown were found in a study, many of which use helpless, nails in water or any chemical, and aging; There are three main reasons. Tell me that sometimes there is a problem of breaking the nail, even if there is a condition in the medical condition - pregnancy, psoriasis, anemia, ringworm, eczema or any serious illness. Here we are telling you some home remedies, which can prevent nails from cracking and cracking.

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1. T-Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic agent that is beneficial to make nails self-reliant. Take 5 drops of this oil and mix 3 drops of olive oil in it and apply it on the nails. After 30 minutes you will wash, the nails will get adequate moisture and they will not break.

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2. Olive oil:

Take 5 bottles of olive oil and lukewarm it. Massage the nails on them and leave them alone. Afterwards wash the hulk with lukewarm water only. This will strengthen the nails and they will not break. Along with this, nails will also get enough nutrition from this oil.

3. Vitamin E oil:

Due to the lack of moisture and body vitamin, acne nails are broken. In this case, take oil containing any vitamin E and massage it properly on nails before sleeping at night. Sleep asleep without it. Wake up in the morning and wash with water, the water should not be very cold.

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4. Apple cider vinegar:

This is also the best and effective home remedy for correcting broken and cluttered nails. Since it contains all the nutrients and vitamins, due to which it removes the nutrients lacking in the nails and makes them healthy. It should be avoided for some time after the use of water. You can put it three times in the weekend.

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5. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, allowing nails to nourish if you massage it with every shot. For this, your oil needs to be heated and it will have to massage two times a day. Doing this will not break the nails; Also, their glow will also be returned.

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6. Food rich with biotin:

If your nails break very much, it means that there is a shortage of biotin in your body; in such a way, you should consume foods rich in biotin. Whole grains, boiled egg and avocado are the most prominent in biotin-rich food. By taking them daily, you will clearly understand the effect of your nails on the health of your nails.

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7. Use of the Cottage Cream:

If your nails now break too much then use the curation cream. This cream provides adequate moisture variables to nails and they do not bite. This cream is used before bedtime.

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8. Nail Polish Remover:

If you use too much helpless remover, stop doing so. If you do not have the necessary requirements for a few days, do not make nail polish alone. Leave the nails just like that. Also massage them with any oil in proportionally. In a few days the nails will stop automatically.

health tips

9. Hydrate:

If your body lacks water then its effect depends on the nails itself. In this way, drink at least 7 glasses of water daily and hydrate the body. Also use the cumulative cream on the nails in the morning.

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