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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Health Tips, Water can reach the skin, there may be a lot of damage

London. 'Water is life', it is taught from childhood. It is said that the water should be protected. Which is 100 percent correct. Because water is the biggest source of our life. The necessity of which we have always lived in any discovery of life. But to increase the lifestyle, we need good water. So if your home also comes with hard water, be careful. This can not only damage your skin, but also the eczema problem. Health Tips, For Healthy hair, In these ways do shampoo hair

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This water is very dangerous. They work like detergents or waiting agents and make it insoluble, which accumulates on the skin. If you become a victim, then the risk of developing external threats such as bacteria, sunburn and eczema increases because the skin barriers that protect these hazards are damaged.

health tips

This information was given by researchers from Sheffield and King's College London University in the UK. He has found in one of his research that the skin barrier is damaged when exposed to harsh water. Also, the skin sensitivity increases in the daily erosion of possible eritants such as soap and washing powder, which are used in daily washing. Which deliver heavy muscle to your skin. Health Tips, For Healthy hair, In these ways do shampoo hair

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