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Friday, 8 September 2017

Health Tips, You will not know these benefits of anti-contraceptive pills

Women continue to contraception for prevention of birth control pills. But do you know that apart from avoiding the pregnancy there are many other benefits too. So let's know its benefits. 

health tips

Regularly controlling the cycle of menstrual cycle - you also see Peking of these pills carefully. Mostly Peking contains 28 tablets; Of which 21 are active (hormone-containing) and 7-inactive (hormone-free). Normally the days when inactive pills are taken, there are periods in those days. Therefore, if women want more periods with active pills, they may be able to avoid periods more.

Relieving Pain in Periods - There is a hormone secreted in Prostaglydine in the uterus. Due to the high secretion of this hormone, there is pain in the days of periods. Because it contracts the uterus and cramps are formed. By taking contraceptive pills, ovulation is low and the secretion of this hormone is also less. Therefore, pain in periods is also less.

Reducing the risk of cancer - Consumption of contraceptive pills and their pregnancy protects their ovarian cancer; And this cancer is such that it is difficult to detect quickly. Therefore, as soon as possible defense is a good solution.

There is an imbalance of hormones due to lack of skin problems and the problem of acne and some other skin problems. Contraception pills help to keep hormones balanced, so they also reduce such problems. This is a better option than many other treatments of acne etc.

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