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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Long Life, which you will live after adopting a healthy health

Due to changing lifestyle, cases of many diseases are also increasing steadily. Most people become desperate with life when some diseases occur once, while the truth is that if all precautions are taken on eating properly, then these diseases can survive and survive a long and live life. Only good food can save these diseases.

First of all, know that Fat is essential for both fat and carbohydrate healthy body. Where fat acts in the body to store extra calories, carbohydrate gives energy to the body to do any work. But if we consider a research, we should be a little cautious before adding fat and carbohydrate to our diet. 

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Raw vegetable is very useful rather than cooked curry

A research published in an English magazine Lancet magazine claims that those who take less fat and more carbohydrate in their diet increase the risk of early death. The magazine has included people who live less than fatty food butter and cheese-eating people.

According to the researchers, carbohydrate increases automatically by decreasing the amount of fat in the diet. Through this research, researchers also say that the ability to reduce the risk of death in raw vegetables is much higher than cooked vegetables. Due to this, raw vegetables should be given more preference.

Limit range of calorie diet

The researcher Andrew Mente says that up to 35 percent of calories can be considered as a sweet spot of good health by fat in the diet, while those who take more than 60 percent of carbohydrate in food are likely to die early. She goes. According to him, the limit for taking fat of men is 30 grams per day and 20 grams per day in women.

These are sources of fat - butter, ghee, vegetable oil and fats, oil seeds and eggplant, fish oil and egg yolk. These are the sources of carbohydrate: grains, millets, condiments such as potatoes, buenander, aravi, tapioca etc. and sugar and jaggery. You can be a victim of big ailments in taking all these resources more than a limited amount !!

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