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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mobile charged without electricity, 10th student discovered the unique way

In the village of Janzgir-Champa of Chhattisgarh, in the village of Bhanceo, the people of the village did not get the means to charge the battery when the mobile phones were shut down and there was no electricity in the past few days, the 10th student of the village invented a unique method, In which the battery of mobile is charged. When this information was made to the people of the village, then everyone came to know their way. RCOM Launches Rs 147 Plan, Customers Get Daily 1 GB 4G Data Free Voice Calls

mobile charged without electricity

See how the boys spent exploring the way to charge mobile -

Aryan, son of Bhainso Kanhaiya Lal Shrivastava, reads in 10th. He says that there was no electricity in his village for many days. All the mobile discharges of his house were made. Not only in the home, many other people in the village were also trying to go to another area to charge mobile, that Aryan's mind would have an idea. He pulled out a motor from an old DVD that was in the house and replaced it with Dynamo. He rotated the motor into the wheel and wheeled the battery from it. In the coming days, these children will illuminate the name of the country.

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