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Friday, 8 September 2017

Phone will not hang up, use the phone in this way

A lot of soft and powerful phones are available in the market. Despite this the problem of phone hangs remains. Apart from having 6 GB RAM and power battery, most users are troubled by hanging problem. But do not need to be troubled now. Today we are going to tell about some such tricks that can be solved with this problem immediately.

phone will not hand up

Why would the phone hang?

There can be many reasons for hanging the phone. But this is often due to low memory in the phone. Many times we run the app but it does not run. There are many such problems. This is Hanging. This also happens due to the memory of full flowering or viruses.

Follow these tricks

For this you must first go to the phone's settings. After this, tap on the option of the bottom to the bottom.
Now you will have the option of the build number on your screen. Tap 5 to 7 times on it.
Tapping on this will open the developer option in the mobile settings itself. Now tap on this option.

Here you will see three options window tramsition, scale, Animator Duration Scale and Simulate secondary display.

After tapping all options, turn them off.
By doing this, this app can not use RAM memory and your phone will be safe.

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