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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ram Rahim's health, Doctors did a great disclosure, due to bad addiction

Doctors have made big disclosures about the health of Rapist Baba Ram Rahim, who has been serving 20 years in Rohtak's Sunaria jail. The doctor's team says that he is sex addict, which is why his condition is getting worse in jail. She is constantly restless and does not sleep. She needs treatment. Arrested IT head, at Ram Rahim's tent, got hard disk

ram rahim

Actually, on Saturday, Ram Rahim's health began to worsen. After which, Ram lodged a complaint of poor health due to prisons. Ram Rahim had complained of BP and restlessness. After the complaint of Ram Rahim, the jail authorities called a team of PGI doctors for the check up to ensure that Ram Rahim needs to be edited in the hospital. In such a situation, PGI's female nurse staff refused to treat Ram Rahim. After which the administration had alerted the mail nurse staff. At the same time, the team of special doctors was asked to be alerted for the treatment of Ram Rahim. Ram Rahim: Whatever the DGP said about Ram Rahim, you will be shocked

After that on Sunday, the doctor told that 'Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is a sex addict. He has not got physical pleasure after coming to jail from Dera Ashram. That's why he remains restless He told that his problem is increasingly growing. If his treatment was delayed, then his problem could be large. He said that he is in dire need of immediate treatment. "It was told that the information obtained from the sources revealed that Ram Rahim used to take sex tonic. For him it was used to supply forceful drinks from Australia and many other countries.

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