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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Reliance Jio Phone Mukesh Ambani did not get cheated

Booking of Reliance Jio's Smart Feature Phone started last month and the company had claimed that people will be getting calls from the first week of September. After this media came to know that this phone will start getting customers from Navratri first but this is not possible. Earlier, 60 million people booking phones in Phase were shocked. At the same time, the company came with a tremendous offer in the festive season for Reliance Jio's Internet users. What's the new date for Reliance Jio Mobile and what is the Reliance Jio's Festive, today we are going to tell you. Navratri Offer Mukesh Ambani has given all the gifts given to all the users will be happy

reliance jio phone

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Reliance Jio's smart feature phone will now be available in October

There is no announcement date for the delivery of Jio's Smart Feature phone from Reliance Jio, but according to the media report, the company will not be able to give the phone to its customers from September 21. Now the company is being told that this phone will be delivered from October. It is being told that the company has received a message from the company that delivery of phone between one to three October can be done.

Earlier it was said that the company is delaying delivery of the phone because the phone is being imported from Taiwan and in the first phase, about 60 people have booked the phone. There are problems in its delivery.

Reliance Jio Phone

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The company gave the cusms to the festive offer

The company is delaying delivery of Reliance Jio phone but it has brought a great festive offer for its internet users. In this offer, the company is giving its users a half price in the Jiofi dongle. That is, you now have to pay only Rs 999 for the Jio physics of 1999. This company has started from September 20 and it is a limited company. Users can also take advantage of the advantage of the off line. Just for this you have to go to the Reliance Store.

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