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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Shaomi smartphone 5 untold things which you do not know

Amtek. Net: Year 2014 When markets like Samsung, Sony and Apple launched flagship phones in the market. The price of these phones was above 40 thousand. On the other hand, companies like Micromax, Carbon, and Lava which used to launch phones with less than 10 thousand phones. These phones were good but the quality and performance were not in the phone. 

shaomi smartphone

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In the meantime, Shaomi took his step in India. Shaomi took the place between big brands and small companies. In his debut he launched Mi 3. This phone was launched in just 13 thousand but in the meantime you were given the flagship phone hardware. Everything from the processor to the camera was good in this phone. Simultaneously, with the help of Flipkart and Flash cell system, Shaomi became the best brand overnight.

Shaomi has been in India for only 3 years. Radmi is the number one brand in India. Today, we will know what is the secret behind this great success. Before starting, let me know if this post can be large, then read comfortably. If you can not read now, then save it and read it later. So let's begin.

1. Fine Feature Low Price:

If you look in the market then today is a good phone from Shaomi. But Shaomi is known from the beginning to give good hardware in a lower price. Shaomi today gives a tough challenge to brands such as Leico, Lenovo and Honor.

2. Marketing:

Shaomi always marketing his phone only on social media. Marketing on social media leads to more marketing at a lower price. It also avoids their money and the name also becomes. Shaomi often keeps separate contests, which also helps him in marketing. Selling phones in 1 rupee, giving free of accessories is like marketing of Shaomi's mind like marketing. Shaomi has become quite famous due to the flash cell.

3. Good Leadership:

Shaomi was known only as a Chinese brand by the year 2014. It was Hugo Barra who made Shaomi an international brand. Shaomi made a lot of progress in his supervision. Because of Hugo, the attitude of looking at Shaomi towards people changed. He proved to be a very good leader for Shaomi.

4. Best Community:

Shaomi has created a community club for his fans. Because of that, his support system is very strong. If a user has trouble in any phone, then the user tells his problem in this community. After which different users help solve their problem. This user is Shaomi's fancy bus. They do not get any salaries or anything else but still they help each other.

5. Best Software:

The interface between Android and Apple's IOS is Miui. This interface itself is like an operating system. Because of this interface of Shaomi, Shaomi keeps updating the phone every month. This interface is the life of Shaomi. Shaomi updates this user interface every year.

These are some of the things that have made Shaomi a very good brand in India. Comment below and tell us why you like the phone of Redmi. If you have any questions related to the phone, then you can also ask us by commenting below. Do not forget to share this post with Likes and your friends.

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