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Friday, 22 September 2017

Tech News, A golden opportunity to update and renew in banks

New rules have been introduced to update and update the base, which will be facilitated to customers.

aadhar card

According to the government order, the work of updating and updating the base of 1000 different branches of the country has been started. If you want to make some changes either in the base or in the new base, then you should go to the nearest bank where it is The facility has started.

Tell me that there are many different banks for this work and all the customers have to move forward for it to prevent corruption, people will be required to join the bank verification of bank accounts till December 31, 2017.

For this, all the banks have been given orders, this income can be started from the last week of September and those banks and branches will not do so, the order will be imposed on them by the Chief Executive Officer of the order, Ajay Bhushan Pandey.

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