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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Tech News, Government gives big blow to Whatsapp

Beijing The Chinese government has decided to close the social messaging app Whatsapp. Shi Jinping government banned Whatsapp completely on September 23 in China. Mobile charged without electricity, 10th student discovered the unique way


Trouble was running in Whatsapp

According to information, users of China were having problems with Whatsapp's network for almost a week. Sometimes this app was never run, but now it has been completely blocked. Now it will need a virtual private network to access it. The Chinese government has already banned Facebook. Reliance Jio Phone pre-booking starts today for Rs 500

It is believed that Chinese officials preparing for the crucial Congress meeting of the Communist Party that is coming next month have banned Whatsapp on the steps to tighten censorship. These meetings are held every five years. My Jio App Downloaded 10 Million Times At Google Play Store

China's users have reported recent flaws in Whatsapp in recent days. China has tightened its online monitoring this year under new laws. It also provides for restrictions on the permissible content, as well as the provision of restrictions on the users' data storage within the country of technical companies.

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