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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Vodafone Lava's Extra Talktime, up to Rs 900 on these feature phones

Yes, friends, Vodafone has partnered with the local mobile manufacturer Lava and it will give an additional talktime to Lava's feature phone user. Telecom company Vodafone has pledged to give extra talk time of 18 months. This offer is applicable for both Vodafone's new and old customers and this offer is valid till October 31. Now I tell you in detail about this offer. Tech News, Reliance Jio offer Diwali gift to your customers

vodafone lava

Friends, if Vodafone buys a feature phone from Lava in the selected-range, then it will be given an extra talktime of Rs 50, when it recharges Rs 100 or more on its Vodafone number. The benefit of this offer can be taken up to 18 months, i.e. you can take advantage of additional talktime of Rs 900. Now let's name the name of the Lava's selected feature phone, which is being offered this strong offer. Google's mobile payment service 'Sharp' in India from Monday

This offer is available on Lava's low feature phone-

vodafone lava

ARC 101, ARC 105, ARC One Plus, KKT 9s, KKT Pearl, KKT 34 Power, KKT 40 Power +, Captain K1 +, and Captain N1

Friends, let me tell you that if you are already using any of these Lava's phones, you can still take advantage of this offer. For this, you will have to take a new SIM card from Vodafone. If you are an existing Vodafone customer, then you can enjoy this offer by buying one of these Lava phones. Motorola Will Soon Knock on Oreo Android Updates

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