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Saturday, 7 October 2017

8 Best & Reliable Online Shopping Websites In India

As we all know that online shopping trends are increasing every day. Everyone wants to shop online even it is books, cell phones, clothes and whatever. But the most important and tangible thing is that you have to choose the best and trusted online shopping site to avoid the dangers of privacy.

I've covered in previous articles, what are the dangers in online shopping and tips for safe online shopping. Equally today, I will showcase the 5 best and largest online shopping sites in India to buy products online without danger.
I provide this list with India. That is, India can shop for products online using online shopping sites. Now, take a look at this best & largest online shopping site in India -
1. Flipkart Website:

Flipkart is the most popular, pure Indian online shopping site established in 2007. It's for head quarters located in Bangalore and Karnataka. This is the most reliable site for India due to its popularity and Cash on Delivery payment methods. Initially, Filpkart used to sell only books but as soon as it was issued, it began offering other products such as electronics, eBooks, home wares, men, women and children's clothing, movies, games, and many more materials.
Now, almost everything on Flip-kart to buy with Cash is safe and secure on the Shipping payment method. Cash on delivery payment method is one of the main reasons for its success. There are also other payment methods such as credit or debit card transactions, online banking, e-gift vouchers and Swipe Card on Delivery.
2. Myntra Website :

Myntra Website is another Indian online shopping site established in 2007. It is headquartered in Bangalore. The site mainly offers fashion and product lifestyle. Myntra website most is a popular and trusted place for online shopping. You can buy many products from Myntra Website such as men, women and children clothing, footwear etc and other accessories such as handbags, wallets, sunglasses etc.
This site offers Cash on Delivery payment methods and that's why it's biggest and growing after Flipkart. Some other payment methods such as Visa Card, MasterCard and Banking Net.
3. Jabong Website :

Jabong is the fashion and lifestyle of E-Commerce Portal India. The surprising thing is that Jabong Website was launched in 2012 and became the third most visited site after Myntra and Flip-kart. This retail shoes, clothing, accessories, beauty products, clothing, home and fashion products and other product lifestyle.
It's very fast delivery service across India. Offers Same-day-Delivery in Delhi / NCR, less than 48 hours over 10 cities and within 2-3 days in other cities and towns. Jabong Website offers Cash on Shipping payment method for most products that experience worry-free shopping. It also offers Visa, MasterCard and Banking Net payment methods.
4. Snapdeal Website :

Snapdeal is an India based online shopping site headquartered in New Delhi. The site starts in 2012 and is growing rapidly. Snapdeal is one of the largest E-Commerce companies having 500,000 products, 800,000+ books and offering products in 400+ categories.
Snapdeal offers various payment methods such as credit card, debit card, net banking and Cash on Delivery. Due to this easy payment method, India's Snapdeal shipments are over 25,000 daily.
5. Yebhi Website :

Yebhi is an online shopping website India launched in 2009. Here you can enjoy online shopping without any danger of privacy. It is the most trusted and popular other online shopping sites made for all Indians. It offers a wide range of products such as clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, children and home furnishing, appliances, electronic items and personal care products etc.
Yebhi Website offers products from 250 brands. It offers payment options - MasterCard, American Express, Visa, EMI, Net Banking and the most demanding Cash on Delivery.
6. Amazon Website :

But Amazon is an American company but has gained a great reputation worldwide. It is also one of the largest online shopping sites for India. I often use Amazon to buy most of my electronic products.
7. E-Bay Website :

E- Bay is also a multinational E-Commerce company like Amazon providing online shopping platform in India. You can buy almost any type of electronics, health & beauty, home and life related products on eBay.
8. Homeshop18 Website :-
Homeshop18 was launched on April 9, 2008 as 24 hours of India's first Home Shopping TV channel. Now, it's also one of the popular online shopping destinations for India.

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