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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE Comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon X 16 Modem Support

More than four months since the announcement of the 4th generation Surface Pro, Microsoft still seems to keep secret or close the existence of the latest LTE model that had promised.


But amid the uncertainty of the existence of Surface Pro LTE, recently reportedly has been circulating interesting information that it came directly from one of the staff of Microsoft itself which is specialized in Surface Pro product division. Yes, it is the Gopik Team, someone who has revealed that the upcoming new LTE convertible Windows 10 Surface Pro model will be available on December 1, 2017.

However, so far it has been uncertain whether the device will be available for marketing on the spot, or only available for pre-order only. Instead of responding to rumors that his staff blew out, again Microsoft only promised that the latest Surface Pro LTE will be available later this year so that it will have more to share about the time and availability of specific markets in the coming months.

Meanwhile, there is also another secret information revealed by Gopik during the Microsoft Ignite developer session. According to him, the latest Surface Pro LTE will come with a stretch modem Qualcomm Snapdragon X 16, the same LTE modem that can be found on devices such as Apple iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8 Plus. Thanks to the support of this chip reportedly allows Surface Pro LTE works on any wireless network around the world. So far it has not revealed the official price tag, but Apple's competitors reportedly have offered Lte connectivity on the iPad with an additional price of about $130. While the latest generation of Microsoft Surface Pro is currently marketed starting at $799, packed with Intel Core m3 processor support, Ram 4GB, And 128Gb Ssd

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