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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Andromax Prime Price a New Features & Specifications Phone with 4G LTE Support

Andromax Prime Price:- What comes to mind when you think of a feature phone? Can only sms and phone? Yes, some people today who use feature phones are only concerned with the features of the phone and sms. But what if there is a feature phone that has a sense of smartphone?.

Smart Phone recently launched a new feature phone called Andromax Prime. The unique feature of this feature phone is the support of 4G LTE networks like today's sophisticated smartphones. The feature phones generally only support 2G and 3G networks only, but Smart Phone wants to encourage feature phone users to use their 4G network by launching this cheap feature phone.

The target of the feature phones Andromax Prime itself is those who are difficult to escape from the habit of using a feature phone that has a T9 keypad (numeric) and ease in operating it. Andromax Prime itself looks like a regular feature phone, complete with a T9 keypad and do not use the touch screen.

But for general capabilities, the phone features are still comparable to the smartphone because Andromax Prime has been equipped with some features owned smartphone. Andromax Prime comes with some important applications like WhatsApp for chatting, YouTube for streaming, and Facebook as a social media. As for surfing in cyberspace can use Opera Mini application.

Uniquely, this feature phone also comes with a dedicated key for the phone through WhatsApp. Even this phone has a front camera for video calling. As for other specifications, Andromax Prime comes with a 2.4-inch screen, dual-core CPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM, and microSD slot up to 32GB. The phone is 2MP main camera and front camera VGA resolution, as well as 2000mAh battery that promises longer use of smartphone. Even this phone has FM Radio and Bluetooth support as well.

For its own price, Smart Phone me banderol Andromax Prime phone features worth Rp349.000 which is quite cheap for feature phones. Moreover, some supporting applications also become more value than this feature phone. How, interested in the phone features this one?

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