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Saturday, 7 October 2017

BlackBerry Motion Design Revealed Thanks to This Render Leaks

A few weeks ago, had circulated leaked photos claimed as the latest BlackBerry smartphone. The device has a code name Krypton, and has now been renamed "BlackBerry Motion".


In the previous leak, the device is only visible the back of it, which shows the carbon fiber material, where the material is a favourite material of BlackBerry devices. Well, now we can see the front of this smartphone thanks to the latest render leak. Unlike the BlackBerry Privy which has a slide keyboard, this smartphone does not have a physical QWERTY keyboard or you could say this is a smartphone version without a keyboard from BlackBerry KEY one.

But for the specifications, reports are circulating so far revealed if the smartphone will come with middle-class specifications. As for the kitchen paunchy, this smartphone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 or 625 chip set combined with a capacity of 4GB RAM.

As for the battery, this smartphone will be equipped with a large enough battery, which is 4000mAh. By combining power-saving processors and large battery capacity, it seems that BlackBerry Motion is able to survive all day with normal usage.

Although not yet known how many screen sizes, but the resolution that will diusungnya is 1080 p. Because BlackBerry Motion does not have a physical QWERTY keyboard, it could have a wider screen size than BlackBerry KEY one.

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