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Thursday, 12 October 2017

How to Write on Uc News and Earn Earnings

How to register to be able to write in UC news? Previously are you a UC Browser user? If so, you will often see articles from UC Browser that often appear on the notification and address bar when you want to type a web address. As information UC News is a new platform developed by UC News presents a variety of news options that you need. In addition UC News held UC We-Media program for creators who want their writing or his work to be seen by millions of UC News users around the world. In addition, you can earn money from any content that you create. Well, how do I list to write in UC News? How to Make Money on UC News
How to Write on Uc News and Earn Earnings

1. You can register directly on the site with the address

Fill in the account name, password, email, and invitation code on the UC News registration page. My invite code is If you successfully register, will be given a bonus of Rs.60,000. After clicking on the List you will be prompted to fill out the self-data form as below: How To Submit A Website Or Blog To UC News 100% Real Trick 2017

Fill correctly, because the data will be referred to in the payment of commission for the contribution of articles or content that you have created. After completing the form, UC News will send a confirmation email in the form of a link. Immediately open your email and click the link, will automatically be directed to UC Web page with your account details will be reviewed for approximately two days for approval or received on UC News. Blogging Tips for Beginner 2017

After confirmation, wait until there are email replies from uc news. Usually two days, sometimes also a day can directly email replies that tell you that you have successfully signed up. Fill in the email like this. The Meaning And Differences Of Cc And Bcc In Email

If it is fully accepted, you can start to publish your articles or content in the form of YouTube videos. In the UC We Media program, the author is free to write anything as long as there is no SARA content, Pornography, and plagiarism. O yes for the new registrar Rs.60.000 bonus will be received after successful registration as well: How To Design Blog Same A website 20 Tips

1. At least write one article content and successfully published by UC. So after you release the article is not directly published like blogger or word press, but will be edited by UC Media editor. Make sure your articles are original or contain no banned elements. If your article is accepted it will be published automatically.

2. The article you publish should get 1000 viewers or viewers.
3. If all is achieved within a week you will get Rp.60.000 bonus

After signing up and making one more article?
You can create regular articles every day in the first week. The more articles you publish, the more your income will grow. After entering the second week and visitors has more than 1000 you will get Rs.60.000 bonus. And the Monetization feature will be active. How To Earn Money From YouTube

If the above missions are fulfilled you will get a message that you have won Rs. 60.000 as a new user. The contents of the message are like this:

The Search Results
Monetization feature is that every article you write and viewer reaches 1000 more will be advertised by UC News. Well these ads will get a dollar coins for you. You can also monitor which articles a lot of visitors so you can create articles that are more viral than before. So try to make the content very interesting and is trending to get a lot of viewer. But never in writing your article plagiarism, consequently all your income will be canceled by UC News. PRIVACY POLICY OR DISCLAIMER PAGE BLOG ME KAISE BANAYE- HINDI ME PURI JANKARI

Why is my viewer still 0 when it has published articles?
Counter or counter number of visitors is not real time, meaning the results will be seen on the next day. For example you publish an article on Monday morning, and then the number of visitors can be seen the next day or Tuesday.

What is the amount of income earned?
Uc news does not detail the income earned. Earnings will appear weekly on Wednesdays. So for PPC, CPC, and other unknown. Airtel vs Reliance Jio: Know whose unlimited calling and 4G data plan

Based on my experience first time list and publish one article with the number of viewer 3000 in the first week gets $0.02. but in the second week the viewer reached 50,000 more got $4.73. Not bad for a beginner like me.

Here's an overview of income for two weeks.

Can I publish articles in more than one category?
In UC News there are many categories of articles such as, politics, sports, religious, unique exciting, technology, games, education, and others. To maximize get viewer we do not have to be pegged to one kind of article only. You can also write and create content with different categories, provided that it does not violate UC News provisions and the most fatal is the plagit of another article. There are already examples of naughty creators who are just plagiarists for profit alone. Google Adsense 100,000 Traffic Par 1 Lakh Earnings

The above is an example of a list of creators who are caught committing grave abuses such as plagiarism and lying articles. As a result their income will be cut even can be canceled.

How is revenue collection collected?
Funds can you pull through two ways: local bank and Pioneers. The minimum balance you can withdraw is $ 50 via the bank and $25 via Pioneers. Note before withdraw funds make sure the data you write is true because if one cannot edit. You can follow the instructions on how to withdraw funds on the withdrawal menu. O yes withdrawals can be done once a month on 26-28 just every month. How To Start A New Blog For Beginners - 2017

How to get hundreds of dollars every week?
Although a new week can generate $ 4.75, I think it's a diligent post. If I can every day two articles and the viral load to get many viewers. Many sources of viral news on the internet, such as kaskus, twitter, what is warmly talked about on television. So pantengin aja keep these media and do not forget to write and discuss and write in your article. Lenovo K8 Plus Latest and Complete Specifications and Features 2017

What are the benefits?
After successfully register and become a writer in UC News Media, you will benefit other than the income of blogger or web you can be flooded with visitors. You can put a back link on the source of the article you created. In addition to an additional income after google adsense or for you who still have not received the same google. Or are you a YouTube Blog? On the UC News platform you can also post videos of your work. Do not blame UC News if the viewer on your YouTube channel flooded the audience. How interesting is it? Let's sign up and join the UC News Media program as long as this platform is new and lots of rewards. Blogger On Page SEO Tips & Trick latest 2017 Basic 7 Steps

Based on my experience creating my friend's account. In order for you accepted try to fill in the data self and fill your web or YouTube account if any. The phone number you fill in is the same as the phone number you registered on your primary email address. If it has not been received yet, create a new email account again or contact support we media and run the instructions.

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