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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Instagram Stories Now Can Be Uploaded to Facebook Simultaneously

Instagram application is now the most loved social media today, where almost every young person has an Instagram account. After acquired by Facebook a few years ago, Instagram transformed, where not only can upload photos or video only, because currently Instagram has a favourite feature, namely Stories.


When Instagram launches the Stories feature, many say that this social media plagiarised features available on Snap chat. Although it is true, it seems that there are now many who do not care about it. Even the Instagram Stories feature users today more than Facebook or Snap chat though.

Facebook also features Stories, both on mobile and web applications. But the feature is empty of users, because most users prefer to share their stories on Instagram. To increase the number of Facebook Stories users, the social media giant is trying to bring a feature that lets Instagram Stories users post their stories to Facebook simultaneously.

This means that if you want to share your experiences with friends on social media whether it's Instagram or Facebook, you no longer need to post twice. So, if your friends do not have Instagram, they can still see your story through Facebook.

Previously Facebook has reportedly been testing this new feature, but now the company has confirmed that the feature will now be launched by all Instagram users, except for those who have a business account. It should be noted that this feature only applies to Stories from Instagram to Facebook, and cannot be otherwise.

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