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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Jio Reliance Is going to live your services

Jio Reliance has made its position in the top five companies of India and has achieved this achievement within just 1 year.

jio reliance

After the arrival of Jio, there has been a lot of change in the Indian telecom industry, due to which we got an opportunity to use cheaper data. But the news is that Jio can soon ban some of its facilities. According to the sources, Jio is soon going to stop the unlimited calling facility of consumers, who make calls more than 5 or 10 hours per day.

According to a statement given by Jio, we have found some users who are misusing our Unlimited Calling facility and are using it for Advertisement, so we are making changes to our policy. Now these users will not be able to talk more than 300 minutes per day.

Apart from this, the news is that Geo can soon increase prices of its internet data pack. If it does so, then once again, the data pack prices can reach the sky.

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