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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Nokia bang back! More than 10 million smartphones sold

New Delhi. Finnish company HMD Global has sold more than 1 million Nokia branded Android smartphones since its launch this year. According to the data of installation of the Nokia Mobile Support application on Google Play, this number is less than 10 lakh and less than 50 lakhs. Beautiful Nokia Water Resistant Smartphone First in Blue Wrap

nokia smartphone

The Nokia Power user said in a report published on Monday, "It surely ensures that more than 1 million Nokia Android smartphones are active in the market and Nokia 6 phones available in markets like China have not been counted , Where the Play Store is not officially available.

Earlier, in an interview, HMD Global's chief marketing officer Pecca Rantala told NokiaTechka, "The company has sold Android phones of several lakh Nokia brands till date.

Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 were started in the beginning of this year and it was hand in hand in important markets like India, UK and other European countries. Significantly, Nokia's phones sales have slowed down for some time. But these sales figures can be considered as a sign of Nokia's good return. Samsung Works New Exynos Chipset with Special Core to Process Artificial Intelligence

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