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Friday, 27 October 2017

Revealed! WhatsApp Immediately Release Features Delete Sent Messages

Following the steps of messenger apps like Telegram, WeChat, and Viber, WhatsApp seems to be about to launch a "Delete for Everyone" message deletion feature. This feature allows the user to delete messages sent in error, before the contact receiving the message has a chance to read it. Whats App introduces a new feature in the mobile application, How it works

The company finally started testing the feature's functionality on Android and iOS devices, as reported by WABetaInfo. According to internal sources, the server intended for recall has now been working and successfully deleted messages that have been sent. Xiaomi Reportedly Will Release Three Smartphone Redmi with Full-Screen Display


However, most users still do not have access to these features. Users also likely have to wait until WhatsApp finally allows that feature for all users.

"WhatsApp finally tested the Delete for Everyone feature: the server finally works and manages to recall the message. However, if the server works, it does not mean that the feature allows for now. It will be activated later, and it seems that WhatsApp "activates" their servers for the Delete for Everyone feature, this might actually be enabled soon, "WABetaInfo said via Twitter. Learn how to start business now with WhatsApp

What's interesting about this feature is that according to the screenshot image obtained by WABetaInfo, the recalled text will also disappear from the Notification Center. The feature runs on Android and iOS devices.

Rumors related to this feature first circulated on the web when clever users began to see signs of this function in the WhatsApp code. He also suspects the company has activated it a few months ago precisely in June. WhatsApp Launches Super New Trick Without Using Its Original Number

The removal feature of this message has appeared in beta in August of the application for Windows Phone, which is a pretty strong indication that the feature can soon penetrate to Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, there is no clear timeline details of when this feature will be released to the public. The company now owned by Mark Zuckerberg also has not commented on the new feature.

So far, WhatsApp always brings new features nan nicely without being disturbed by the ads. But as reported recently, Facebook is ready to use WhatsApp as a business field that produces money coffers. Whats App Would Be Able To Chat Favourite In Pin To Top

WhatsApp is reportedly testing paid features intended to make it easier for people to communicate with businesses they want to achieve in WhatsApp. But the company refused to describe in detail WhatsApp paid features, as well as information when the feature will be launched.

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