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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Review Polytron Prime 7: Smartphone Resistant 2017

A day before Independence Day, Polytron officially introduced its latest smartphone line, Prime 7. Smartphone is a successor Prime 7s, Polytron's first smartphone in the highest caste is quite successful in the market. Prime 7 is more positioned as a product for the lovers of extreme activities that like adventure and do heavy work.

After the success of Prime 7S series products, the latest type of smartphone Prime 7 theme of Break Resistant, or hardiness. Proven resistant to impact even if dropped from a certain height and crushed car. In the demo, Prime 7 was dropped from a height of seven meters, or from the second floor of the mall, after which smartphone anti-banting can still be lit. Likewise, when the video demo is presented, Prime 7 is in a position run over by the car, as a result Prime 7 also remains lit.


Putting forward the break resistant feature, Polytron Prime 7 uses Nano Molding Technology (NMT) which makes this smartphone resilient. The combination of IPS Retina Display and Gorilla Glass with Native Damage Resistant known as the proven protective power of display is tested on Polytron Prime 7.

Other interesting features of Prime 7 like, DTS sound system, so users can enjoy the sound quality like being in the front row of a music concert. Then infrared transmitter sensor that allows users to control electronic devices, including air conditioning, LED TV, Home Theater, and others. Surely Fire OS also remain pinned in this smartphone besting Polytron.

In terms of design, the back cover of Prime 7 is very interesting with bamboo motif. The choice of a slick color also adds elegance to the appearance of the smartphone from behind. The main camera is accompanied by flash lights exposed in the upper corner while the stereo speakers are at the bottom.
On the front surface, 8MP selfie camera is accompanied by flash. Below the screen there are three typical Android buttons in the form of touchpad: Home, Back, and Recent App. The sound controller is sculpted on the left wing while the SIM card and MicroSD slot is placed on the other side. Carrying unibody, user must use pin to open SIM and memory card slot. Battery capacity 2900mAh cannot be opened.

For cameras, Prime 7 has a main camera of 13 MP resolution equipped with Dual Tone Bright LED Flash which provides light evenly for the lighter images in every condition. Then, front camera 8 MP resolution is equipped with multilayer optical lens, sensors and anti-flare technology.
Prime 7 is powered by 1.5 GHz True Octa Core 64-bit processor. For 3 GB RAM memory storage and 32 GB ROM. Compared to its predecessor, the Prime 7 variants are priced at a cheaper price of Rp 2.5 million.

Feature Highlight

Enhanced Audio:-
In addition to carrying resilient, Prime 7 features additional Enhanced Audio with DTS Sound which is a multi-channel audio technology to provide surround sound, complete with solid bass sound and crystal-clear voice vocals. Multi-channel audio technology that provides surround sound, complete with deep bass sound and crystal-clear vocal sound. With DTS Sound, get the experience of listening to sounds like in the front row of concerts.

Coupled with advanced features such as Wireless Control which is an infrared transmitter sensor that allows users to control electronic devices such as air conditioning, LED TV, Home Theater, and others. In addition, Prime 7 also provides convenience in data transfer with NFC Data Transfer so that data sharing more easily and safely.

Android-based operating system with elegant interface design and integrated features to enhance the experience and productivity of smartphone users. Services are available to purchase Electricity Tokens, Electronic Pulses and Practical Data Packages from directly from the smartphone. Always update with the latest news, reviews and latest movie trailers directly from FIRALIVE.

For football fans, you can now enjoy a 24-hour non-stop video streaming service through Fire TV that provides Super Soccer TV channels, local TV channels, lifestyle and child entertainment. Impression Super Soccer TV broadcast live international live stream of 24-hour HD quality ballast worth Rp 750.000 / year for free. This service can be obtained by all users of Polytron Smartphone.

8MP front camera (wide angle) captures images with bright and sharp. Ultra-High Definition display with high resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels is equipped with multilayer optical lens, making every moment of your selfie more memorable. The ISOCELL sensor delivers color composition and sharper image quality even in low light conditions.

Optimum image quality with 13MP camera and image resolution of 4160 x 3120 pixels, equipped with Dual Tone Bright LED Flash which provides light evenly for the lighter and clearer images in every condition.

PDAF Sensor (Phase Detection Auto Focus) equipped with Ball Bearing AF Motor produces accurate and faster image fetching, even when moving photo objects High-quality camera lenses designed to reduce flare effects when shooting close to the light source and maximizing the capture of light from the surrounding environment resulting in optimum image quality.

Other Features:
An embedded Secure Element embedded Secure Element (NFC) embedded in Polytron PRIME 7 offers user data security protection and supports secure contactless payment transactions. Supporting EMVCo (Europa International, Mastercard, VISA) standards this chip can facilitate the interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions.

Supported with the latest Turbo Charging technology so that the battery charging process faster and more efficient than previous generations. Suitable for accompanying your day-to-day activities.

Polytron Prime 7 is equipped with a universal remote-control sensor with the help of additional applications, can control devices such as TV, home theater, air conditioning, and so on. Polytron brand electronic devices. Other brands use additional apps.

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