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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tech News, If you do not get money from the ATM even after deduction from the account

Due to rapid changes in digital technology, the banking sector is also increasingly digital. Every time the money is taken from the deposit, the work is being done by the machines. The most used machine is ATM. Users also work from ATM machines, from withdrawing money and checking accounts balance. But many times, users are stuck in trouble when money comes from ATMs even if they get a message to cut balance on their mobile. Today we are going to tell you that when you are caught in such kind of trouble, what should you do in such a condition?

atm money deduction

First of all, you filed a case in that bank. Many times the bank transfers the account holder's money account after investigating the case. But for some reason if you are not going to file a complaint in the bank or the bank is refusing to pay the money, then you can also complain about it. In such a situation, the account holder can file complaint on the consumer's helpline number 14404 or 1800-11- 4000. This information was given by Consumer Protection Minister Ramvilas Sharma.

You can also register your complaint by visiting the website of Money back in the customer's account within 18 days.

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