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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tech News, Know Your Lost or Stolen Phone

Tack news - The phone uses everyone in their life. The phone has become very important in our life today. In addition to calling, we use our mobile for many more things. The events of phone theft have become very common. So we tell you some such tricks. From which you can steal the lost phone to steal your phone. Jio Reliance Company is going to open its bank soon


Lookout Security and Antivirus

The location can be detected with the help of Google map in this app. If someone switches your phone after the theft, then you will know the last location of the phone. This can make it easier for you to find your phone. Airtel new offer is getting daily 1 GB 4G data

Mobile Chase Location Tracker
  • Mobile Chase Location Tracker is also an application that helps track lost or stolen mobile.
  • With this help, you also know that there is a second SIM in your handset.

This application will not only tell the correct location of the handset through GPS connectivity but will also send the location I also via SMS.

Unrealized mobile security
  • Mobile phones lost can also be tracked with the help of unrealized mobile security. 
  • This application can be down-loaded for free.
  • Not only can you track your mobile, but you can also control it. 
  • Whenever the mobile is lost, you can learn about its location by sending an SMS to your lost mobile phone.


  1. You can find the stolen phone using a mobile tracker it`s a good option, but I've already tried a mobile tracker it's also a perfect spyware, guess what? Nothing ... I didn`t find anything in the messages of Facebook and WhatsApp of my girl, and I'm totally happy about it! It's a relief to understand I'm not being cheated...Besides, my girlfriend has no idea that I've been checking her all this time. Otherwise, she would be very angry as like monster!

  2. you need to get enlisted to any of these online cellular phone tracking administrations.casus program


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