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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

25 Natural health tips for every day

We asked a number of health advisors to pass on their favorite health-related tips. We are of the opinion that these advisers are all in one piece in their profession and we would like to give them a chance to share a piece of their knowledge with us. We hope that you can enjoy these tips and that they can provide you with a lot of practical and useful information. Fast Weight Loss Belly? Burn 1/2 Kg of Belly Fat Every Week (OMG)

We have summarized the tips in a top 25 list:

1. Do you struggle to get to sleep easily? Then put two hours before you go to bed all electronic devices (including the TV!) And all the bright lights in the house.And avoid to check your e-mail again, because that is also a great stimulant. instead, prefer a good book.

2. Cook at ease and without much fat at a low temperature. If you cook food in a slow way and at a low temperature, you retain all useful nutrients. Quick Weight Loss: 6 Simple Tips 

3. Consider eating healthy food in function of a classic five-day work week. This means that you eat as healthy as possible during the days of the week, and that in the weekend you then add a margin for the occasional minor sin. So eat healthy food five days a week and get rid of the belt for two days.

4. Do you need a snack? Try to eat a 3 or 4 stalks of celery. It will help you to slow down your appetite without jeopardizing your diet.

5. Did you know that brushing your teeth also helps to slow down your appetite?

6. Stand on one leg at least once a day for 1 minute. Repeat with the other leg during the day. This simple exercise, as proven, would be good to promote the density of a healthy bone system.

7. Do not make a chore of doing physical exercises. If possible, do them outside the house. basketball, softball, football, tennis, golf, anything! It all counts as an exercise. Experience it too. The key is to be and stay active. Health Tips: The Elderly Pay Attention To 5:00 Can Effectively Prevent Insomnia

8. Keep your mind sharp, this is really the secret of a longer and healthy life. Learn something new. For example, learn to speak a different language. Follow some lesson somewhere in your area. Never stop learning new things.

9. People sometimes claim that they do not practice because they suffer from their joints. But what they actually want to say is that their joints hurt because they do not practice.

10. Do not throw away the cooking liquid from your cooked vegetables but drink it or use it in a sauce. This cooking liquid is full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

11. Try to eat only half as much as you usually eat.

12. Stay away from that scale. A better indication of how much weight you lose is how well your clothes fit you.

13. Eat slowly, breathe deeply and move with your body.

14. Drink water before you start eating, you fill it up and you eat less.

15. No matter how old you are, where you live or what season it is: you benefit from a supplement with vitamin D.

16. Take each of these three basic supplements: a multivitamin, omega 3 fatty acids and ubiquinol CoQ10.

17. If you sometimes have problems with swallowing gelules, you can take them better with warm water or hot tea. In this way they become softer and they slide more smoothly in the throat.

18. Do you have problems with taking supplements with fish oil? Then you can try to freeze them first. Learn These 8 Importance of Yoga Techniques Better Health Effects

19. Do you suffer from an allergy in the nose? Use air filters and hypoallergic sheets and blankets. You will be amazed at how well these alternatives do their job!

20. There are several healthy ways to (eat) vegetables. In order from more healthy to less healthy they are as follows: fresh and raw, fresh and steamed, from the freezer and steamed, from the freezer and cooked, from a can.

21. Do not overeat yourself. When you are satisfied with food, stop and stand up from the table to take a walk.

22. Use resistance bands to practice your main muscle groups while working on your computer.

23. Beef steaks from grass-fed cows contain significantly more omega 3 fats than cows fed on grain.

24. Sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry and drink water when you are thirsty.

25. There are no magical solutions. How should you lose weight as a child?

We repeat it again: if you are looking for specific help and tips in connection with a good regimen for supplements or a tailored advice for your diet, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or call us.

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