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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

5 Simple Ideas on How to Make Money Online From Home Jobs

We have decided to write this guide, simple and understandable, not just for a professional but especially for those who are early in the art and are looking for a serious way to round up their salary, create an alternative income, and earn serious earnings online. Make Money with a Blog

It took 3 months and over 7,000 words to collect all the methods to make money with the internet, but in the end we did it: we created the most complete web guide with over 65 ways to make money from home.


Here's what you'll find in this article.

How to earn online? Here are the possible solutions :-
  • Data entry: surveys, competitions, reviews, gig jobs.
  • Finance and Investing: Online Trading, Managed Savings, Social Trading.
  • Sales activity: rare items, school notes, thesis.
  • Online Jobs and Digital Professionals: SEO, Adwords, Designers, Speakers, Social Media.
  • Sharing economy: rent brand accessories, homes, boats, utensils.
  • Start a business: crafts, custom orders, jewelery, paintings, photos.
  • Personal Skills: Writing, Creating Videos, Teaching, etc.
But these are just some of the possibilities.

We are confident that in this guide you will find the way to make money from home for you. Get comfortable, because the list is long: over 65 ideas to earn online, divided into macro-categories to help you read. How to Write on Uc News and Earn Earnings

Invest in an automatic way through Social Trading :-

We are talking about online trading and therefore buying and selling financial titles, but much less technical and definitely more human and "simplified".

If you are fascinated by financial investment but you have little skill in the matter, this mode will surely interest you.

Through social trading, it is possible to access a groomed trader community and "filter them" according to how much they have gained in the last 10 months through their online trading business.

For example, you can select all traders who have obtained a minimum profit of + 25% over the last two years and may have a low risk degree (ie their portfolio has had, during the last few years, the lowest negative oscillations ).

The leading platform for this type of trading is called eToro and has over 6 million active investors in 140 nations. How to Make Money on UC News

All you have to do to start copying a position is:

2) Look for better traders and more closely related to your risk profile;
3) Once you locate the trader (called the Popular Investor) you want to copy, allocate part of your funds to copy it and start the copy.

By copying the best you invest as the best and here on Intraprendo we have created an illustrated guide that step by step explains how to select the best dealers to copy: find it here.

Summing up: Your portfolio will literally copy the investments of the Popular Investors you have selected. If they earn, you earn as a result.

Make money with paid online surveys :-


In your free time you can respond to the most disparate polls, and earn. Companies need to gather the most information from their customers and potential customers, so they create market surveys and also need your opinion.

We have selected for you the top 9 paid online polling sites:

Opinion Center: After enrollment you can immediately start participating in the first polls that mature points that can be converted into Amazon, iTunes or cash withdrawals through PayPal from £ 50.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel: is the world leader in consumer surveying and marketing surveys. In this panel, finalizing and detecting user browsing habits, you can sign up with all your devices (Windows PC or Mac, Android Tablet or Smartphone Android), download the Certified Nielsen app and earn simply by browsing the web. Points obtained can be converted into cash or prizes. You earn about € 4 a week for each of the devices on which you will install the Nielsen app.

Nicequest Panel: Primary polling company present in many countries around the world. For each completed survey, you get seashells that can be transformed into iTech products such as bluetooth and computer cases, but also good spending and gift cards for large chains such as La Rinascente. At the time of registration, you get 40 shell points (about 7 €).

MySurvey: a multinational company that rewards you with gifts and rewards for each completed survey.

Global Test Market: For each poll it recognizes 50 to 450 points, which can be redeemed at 1000 points with a 50 € check.

Greenpanthera: This is the youngest site, so today is also the one with fewer active members. Already 5 $ bonus is credited to the registration.

GFK Eurisko: Get a barcode reader to record your spending once you get home. Optionally, you can respond to the suggested polls or request an additional device to record the programs viewed on the TV, so gaining it totally passive. For each of these activities you will receive points to request high-level prizes of each type. The first 350, about € 5, are received at the registration.

There are many sites that offer remunerated cash or gift surveys, all of which belong to international market research companies.

Surveys will be sent to you if the company that commissioned them will feel that you need your opinion. To have more requests for surveys to fill up, I suggest you fill out your profile thoroughly, specifying each individual interest. How To Submit A Website Or Blog To UC News 100% Real Trick 2017

Another optimization lever is to include your family members too: age bands and different interests will help you considerably increase opportunities to be selected for a poll and then earn on the internet.

Investing Online with Bin Options (starting at 1 €) :-


Using binary options to do trading is probably the easiest and fastest way (if you have the right skills) to earn online with finance and represents for apprentices the key to accessing online investments.

But let's look more closely at what this is all about.

Unlike other financial investments where the gain is given by differential terms (for example, the gain is due to the difference in the value of a certain stock and its sale) in binary options there is a predetermined amount.

This is in the words of a kind of bet on the performance of a title that may be up or down (Top / Down) where revenue is set at the time of contract conclusion.

There are many trading platforms with binary options, I'm advising you about the IQ Option: the only one that lets you start with a $ 1 investment. There is also a mobile app that you can download from here.

Build a diversified investment portfolio and make money in your place :-

It takes money to make money, but that does not mean that it is necessary to have a lot to possess to start investing. The ideal, especially for those who do not have large capital, is to invest their savings in a low-risk investment fund with low running costs.

By making prudent choices about the type of fund you invest in is reasonable to expect to earn from 3 to 6% per annum over the long run. How To Start A New Blog For Beginners - 2017

We've talked in depth here explaining how to play on the stock market by choosing safe investments.

If you prefer to rely on experts, we recommend that you try Moneyfarm, a platform that provides an intern team of financial advisers and allows you to invest online by choosing your risk profile. All without moving from home and starting even with small numbers.

We have chosen it, and we have been using it for years, basically for 3 reasons:
  1. It is profitable: a 10-year investment projects a 4.7% interest per annum today.
  2. It is safe: their customers (thousands, including us) have a measured satisfaction of 99%.
  3. It is a prize-winning service that has been evaluated for 2 consecutive years as the best Italian financial advisor by experts from the German Institute of Quality and Finance, Corriere Economia, and Business and Finance.

Try Free Altroconsumo and Get an 8 "Android Tablet and a Free Smartwatch :-

Altroconsumo is the most popular consumer protection association in Italy (about 400,000 members) providing legal, financial, advice and information that is really useful to its subscribers. Post two excellent magazines:

Classic Altic Consumption: Comparing thousands of products and services (from smartphones to refrigerators to current accounts), and allows you to really save on everyday shopping.

Altroconsumo Finance: enabling you to easily understand the finance world by giving you simple investment advice that suits your savings / investment goals, whatever your capital.

To encourage new registrations, two promotions are now available offering an 8-inch Android tablet to anyone who subscribes (at a cost of € 2) to a two-month trial of Altroconsumo Classico and a Smartwatch to anyone subscribing ( free) to a month trial of Altroconsumo Finance.

You can subscribe to both and then (optionally) stop subscribing at any time, even during the trial months, just by calling In any case, your tablet and smartwatch will remain yours.

Sell or buy online special items :-

Catawiki is the leading auction site that today boasts 1,200 auctions, 12 million visitors per month and 30 million items sold so far.

It is the main site for the sale of special items, that is, everything that is rare, unique and difficult to find in stores.

The most nutritious categories are: art, jewelery, stamps, books, watches.

You can use Catawiki to quickly sell the unique items you have in your home / cellar, but also to buy it, looking for hidden underrated treasures to resell with offline extraction or more generalist sites.

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