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Friday, 17 November 2017

An Orange Flavored "Medicine", So Eat to Maximize the Medicinal Value

"Citrus Health Huainan is orange, Citrus Health Huaibei is trifoliate orange", since ancient times, people's concern about the orange has been diminished.

Autumn and winter season, get together orange market, orange skin, juicy sweet and sour taste people cannot help but eat a few.


An orange flavored "medicine"


Do not look orange is not big, it seems in the Chinese medicine experts, it has medicinal value.

Orange peel :-

Fresh breath :-

Fresh orange peel contains a lot of vitamin C and essential oils, with Qi and phlegm, spleen and stomach and other functions. Health Tips to Reduce 3 Kg In a Month with Garlic
  • Spit it out after chewing the residue, repeated several times, to remove the oral odor more effective.
  • Orange tea, taste fragrance, but also breathable. However, fresh orange peel must be cleaned, you can soak in water for 24 hours, remove the surface pesticides and other residues.

Citrus :-

Help digestion :-

Citrus is dried tangerine peel, and the more the better Chen. Citrus tannin, bitter, warm, spleen, stomach, spleen appetiser effect, attending indigestion. Citrus can be porridge with rice, or used to stew.

Orange network

Protect blood vessels :-

Orange network of white silk network, called "orange network", because it contains a nutrient called "rutin", so bitter.

This substance can make people's blood vessels to maintain normal elasticity and density, reduce the fragility and permeability of the vessel wall, to prevent the occurrence of stroke. Orange network can be eaten directly, can also be used to soak in water. Health Tips, Papaya advantages and disadvantages of eating papaya

Orange nuclear :-

Relieve dysmenorrhea

Orange nucleus rational gas, warm stomach, the role of pain, both cold, but also painkillers, it helps women to ease dysmenorrhea. Available orange tea, usually with 3 to 5 grams; if the pain is terrible, you can use 10 grams.

Orange meat


Orange moisture content, can thirst. Modern research shows that oranges are rich in vitamin C, carotene, folic acid and other nutrients, and also contains anti-oxidation, anti-allergy ingredients.

How to pick a good orange


Many types of oranges, shape, colour, the date of listing a little different, but to provoke, the method is similar.

Look: the size of the colour :-

Oranges medium to best, too thick skin, sweetness, small and may not grow well enough, the taste is poor.

The more red the orange colour, usually the better cooked, the more sweet the taste. However, mandarin oranges are picked before maturity, the peel is turquoise, but the sour taste is not acidic, but red is sweeter. Look at the leaves on the orange pedicle, the more fresh leaves, but also the better the oranges. Health Tips, ghee is very important for our body

Touch: smooth :-

Sweet and sour most of the oranges are smooth skin epidermis, and the oil point above the more detailed.

Pinch: test flexibility

Thin, fleshy, and wet oranges all have good elasticity, pinching them down, feeling strong but not hard, and letting go of their shape right away.

Eat oranges, pay attention to a few taboos


Do not eat oranges when taking medicine :-

Orange is rich in acid and vitamin C, taking vitamin K, sulfonamides, spironolactone, triamterene and potassium drugs, should not eat oranges

Beware of yellowing of the skin :-

Oranges are rich in carotene. If you eat too much or eat too much for a short period of time, high concentrations of carotene in the blood will deposit on the stratum corneum and mucous membranes and yellow skin. Yellow usually appears in the palm, the soles of feet, face, this symptom is called "carotene" Health Tips, Aloe Vera is a medicine that will treat the many diseases

But do not worry, as long as you stop eating oranges, after a week or two the color will fade, has no effect on your health. Best to eat every day only two or three, food and clothing to control their own mouth.

Eat too much easy to get angry :-

Orange temperature, eat easy to get angry, there will be mouth sores, dry mouth, throat pain, constipation and other symptoms.

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