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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bread Replacement : 5 X Lunch / Breakfast Idea Without Sandwiches

If you want to eat healthy and varied, it is wise in principle not to eat bread daily at breakfast or at lunch time. Apart from the fact that the average sandwich spreads can not be labelled as healthy, you usually also lose more or less the same bread and the same fillings. Time for more variation! Herewith 5 concrete ideas to replace a bread meal. Quick Weight Loss: 6 Simple Tips That Work 100% Sure


1. Replace bread with something similar :-


If you are really fond of your daily baskets, you can keep your alternative to a bread meal relatively close to the original concept. Think of replacing bread with rye bread, rice cakes, (spelled) crackers or whole grain toast. Please note: purely because you do not eat bread, does not mean that you are healthy. So look closely at the ingredient list of a product. If you are replacing a bread meal, try to find a product with little fast carbohydrates, salt and sugar. Try to choose something with enough fibre. Health Tips: The Elderly Pay Attention To 5:00 Can Effectively Prevent Insomnia

The disadvantage of simply replacing bread with a cracker is that you often fall back on the standard options in terms of bread investment. If you want to get some healthy inspiration in terms of toppings, you will find 8 healthy things on bread

2. Muesli, granola or crunch :-


It is, of course, even better to simply completely deviate from the combination of sandwich & spreads. Try replacing a meal with a bowl of muesli, granola or crunch. Do not immediately grab the first best package of crunch that you can get in the supermarket, because then the chance is real that you would have been a lot better off with an extra brown sandwich with peanut butter. So look for a breakfast cereal product with little or no added sugar, lots of fiber and preferably something without hardened fats. Do you find that difficult? Then make granola yourself in the oven. That happened and really super nice! 25 Easy Tips to Maintain a Slim Body - The Ultimate Guide

3. An egg :-


It is certainly not necessary to combine an egg exclusively with bread. Two eggs with a few pieces of cucumber, tomato and paprika is a great lunch. If you eat outside the door - for example on weekdays at work - take two hard-boiled eggs in a drum and peel them at work. Another option is to bake a tasty omelette, possibly with vegetables for extra filling. See also: One orange = five herbs, do you know how to use it?

4. Fruit salad (+ seeds & pips, nuts or yogurt) :-


Especially in the summer there is so much tasty fruit available, that it is a shame not to use it. For example, combine a banana with peach, apple and strawberry and you have a delicious and healthy lunch. Do you only have enough fruit salad? Then sprinkle some sunflower seeds over your fruit, eat a handful of nuts or combine it with a bowl of yogurt.

5. Salad :-


No, a salad certainly does not have to be boring. Think a little further than iceberg lettuce with cucumber and tomato. How about a salad with grilled peppers, eggplant and zucchini? Or a salad with smoked salmon and avocado? Try to put together a salad yourself and not buy ready-made, even the dressing! That way you know exactly what you eat and you can keep it much simpler. Afraid that you do not have enough of a salad for lunch? Then see 7 ingredients to make a salad filling! Learn These 8 Importance of Yoga Techniques Better Health Effects

Conclusion :-

Replacing a bread meal with something else is really easy and really just a matter of doing. In the Netherlands we are used to eating almost exclusively bread during the day. Really really sin! Of course it takes a little extra effort to collect some ideas for breakfast or lunch without sandwiches, but once it is in your daily routine, you do not know better.

Hopefully you have had something to do with the tips above. What do you like to eat instead of bread? Share your suggestions and ideas to replace bread below in a comment.

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