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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Chinese students worked on iPhone X 11 hours a day

Chinese teenagers have been forced by their school to work eleven hours a day in a Foxconn iPhone factory. They worked for a mandatory internship in a factory in the city of Zhengzhou on the new iPhone X, say six school students against Financial Times. It is forbidden in China to allow interns to work overtime for so long. Apple Reportedly Working on iPhone SE 2 For First Half Next Year


One of the students explains to the British newspaper that they put together 1200 cameras for the new iPhone X each day. That while she is following training as a train conductor. "We are forced to work here by our school. It has nothing to do with my studies. "In total, in September 3000 students from the local railways would have worked in the Foxconn factory. Webpage For Smartphone Fold Galaxy X Appears, Will Be Released soon?

Both Apple and Foxconn claim that the trainees worked voluntarily at the factory and received compensation. Foxconn admits that they made unauthorized overtime.

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